Annie's Antique Shop

Ryan is a member of the school football team. The team is looking for a sponsor to help them with buying team jerseys. 

Ryan approaches his mom, Annie, who owns an antique dealership in Airdrie to be a sponsor. Annie decides that she will donate $800 to the football team if they can help the store generate $5,000 in sales from August 1st to August 31st. She engages the Airdrie Gives team to help her track sales towards the $5,000 goal. The Airdrie Gives app is then set up to list Annie’s shop and the fundraising initiative that she is sponsoring. 

Ryan’s football team and parents of other players tell their family and friends that Annie’s Antique Shop is sponsoring the team and purchases at the shop will lead to the team acquiring jerseys. They are encouraged to download the Airdrie Gives app to see the fundraiser, be able to track its progress and see all other retailers who have similar partnership with local initiatives. 

When a customer opens the Airdrie Gives app, Annie’s Antique Store listing appears.  By tapping the store name, the customer can see information about the store - hours of operation, location, information about the store, website, email address and phone number. They can also see that 5,000 points will lead to a donation to Airdrie Football. Tapping the rewards will show that, once the goal is reached, the team will be getting $800 towards jerseys.  

 When a purchase is made, the amount may be registered towards the goal on the customer’s device.  Using the Airdrie Gives app, the amount of the purchase, along with a receipt number, is entered. The app confirms the amount and adds it towards the goal. Annie’s retailer screen is updated with the purchase and the points towards the goals are shown on the goal meter. 

 Ryan’s teammates, their families and supporters can monitor the progress towards the goal. Once $5,000 is achieved, Annie gives the team $800 for jerseys. Ryan’s team is happy because they have new team jerseys and Annie has developed new customers that she may not have acquired without the use of the Airdrie Gives App.